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( L to R) Faith in Face After Shower Look mask; Miss Invisible Pore Mask; Eye Am Not Tired eye mask.
Note this is the Hong Kong packaging and product from Korea will probably have different packaging.

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Review: Faith in Face hydrogel masks!

I am back from another holiday! This time from Hong Kong! While I was in HK I discovered a South Korean brand called Faith in Face with really nice hydrogel masks and I must introduce you all to it!

What’s so different about these masks?

These masks are unlike any other masks I have tried. They are sheet masks but not made of paper/fabric like they normally are but as their name suggests, it has a gel texture! It’s like.. have you guys ever used the gel eye masks? It’s like that but for the whole face!

This is the official website for Faith in Face in Korean, Chinese and English.

Faith in Face currently has 5 different types of hydrogel masks. According to the website, hydrogel mask in itself have good moisterizing properties. Each of the 5 different types of masks are especially formulated with additional benefits depending on your needs. You can choose different masks according to the purpose of use and your skin condition.

The 5 hydrogel masks available are:

  • Miss Invisible Pore: for pore tightening
  • Hold Me Tight: for firm skin
  • Nourish Me: for…nourishment?
  • After Shower Look: moisturizing and soothing
  • Black and White Film Star: brightening

I bought the Miss Invisible Pore and After Shower Look hydrogel masks. I also bought their Eye Am Not Tired eye masks but haven’t tried it yet.

( L to R) Faith in Face After Shower Look mask; Miss Invisible Pore Mask; Eye Am Not Tired eye mask. Note this is the Hong Kong packaging and product from Korea will probably have different packaging.

( L to R) Faith in Face After Shower Look mask; Miss Invisible Pore Mask; Eye Am Not Tired eye mask.
Note this is the Hong Kong packaging and product from Korea will probably have different packaging.

How to use:

  1. After cleansing your skin, take the mask out of the packet. The hydrogel mask is split into two: one for the bottom half of the face and one for the top half. Because the hydrogel is so flimsy, the mask has backing plastic sheets on both sides of the mask to help hold its shape. To put on the face. first take the piece of mask for the bottom half of the face and peel off the thicker plastic backing sheet. Don’t peel off the other thinner side yet. Smooth the mask onto your face and then peel off the other plastic sheet.
  2. Now take the piece for the top half of the face and do the same.
  3. Leave mask on for 20 to 30 minutes. Take off and massage any excess for better absorption. Note there is no need to rinse off.

Note: Faith in Face tips says you may want to refrigerate the mask for better results.

My Review and Thoughts:

So far I have got only 2 out of the 5 masks and I gotta say I’m really pleased with the products and would definitely be buying more! The masks have a nice floral scent which isn’t too strong and is very pleasant. Because the masks are gel type, they adhere to your skin really well and fits the face shape better. After I take the mask off there isn’t really much excess liquid on the skin so I assume it was all nicely absorbed into the skin haha.

The After Shower Look mask is indeed really moisturizing and after using it I do feel like my skin is smoother.

With the Miss Invisible Pore mask, I can’t say for certain whether my pores did go smaller or not. Afterall there are only 3 pieces in a pack and I don’t expect a miracle and my pores to suddenly disappear from just doing 3 masks! But I can tell you that after I do the mask my face does feel matte. It’s not dry but just… matte.  I normally got super oily skin so I am just surprised at how matte my skin is afterwards. I did the mask before I went to bed and my skin was still matte the next day. Is this how a normal person feels everyday if they got nice non-oily skin?? (so jealous…)

Now for the all important question: where to get them?

I got these from Mannings in Hong Kong and don’t know any other physical stores that sell them outside of Korea except for online stores such as ebay.com, gmarket.co.kr and yesstyle.com. Unfortunately I cannot remember how much I paid for the masks because I bought a whole bunch of stuffs from Mannings at the time and the price tag isn’t stuck to the product. But they weren’t expensive, probably around AUD$7 for a pack of 3. Seriously, if you can get hold of these masks, try them! Highly recommended!


Review: Banila Co “it Radiant CC Cream” and “it Radiant CC Cushion”

Hi all! It’s been a while since a did a post. The popular South Korean variety show Running Man came filming in Australia and I went chasing after them ahahaha…. It was a tiring week and I even bought “stakeout” food in preparation!

Anyway onto the review!

While I was in Seoul over a month ago I picked up lots of cosmetics. I didn’t really do my research before going there and just decided to see what I like when I get there. I was wandering around the streets of MyeongDong and saw a Banila Co store. I have read about this brand in some magazines before but never tried any products from it. Banila Co is pricier than Innisfree and Etude House so I assume that the quality is better (?)

I wasn’t really planning on getting anything in particular, but upon entering the store their large display for their cc cream and cc cushion caught my eyes. Banila Co was selling the “it Radiant CC Cream” and the “it Radiant CC Cushion” together as a pack so that’s what I bought =D

“it Radiant CC Cream”

Picture taken from official Banila Co website

Picture taken from official Banila Co website

What is it? The CC Cream is a “whitening moisterizing color control base”. The sales rep said that you use this first like a primer and then use the CC Cushion on top.
Price: Normally retails for ₩25,000.00. I got it together with the CC Cushion as a pack for ₩48,000.00.
Colour: There is only one colour for this product.
Size: 30ml
Awards: From what I can work out from the signs in the store and website, I think the CC Cream was featured on the South Korean beauty show Get It Beauty. It won the Allure (Korea) Beauty & Style Expert 2013 Editor’s Pick, the Cosmo Beauty Awards 2013 and the Sure Beauty Awards 2013.
Link to website: http://www.banilaco.com/product/productDetail.do?seq=100958.

“it Radiant CC Cushion”

Banila Co "it Radiant CC Cushion"

Picture taken from official Banila Co website

What is it? I was told by the sales rep to use this on top of the CC Cream so I am guessing this is like a lightweight water-based foundation.
Price: Normally retails for ₩35,000.00. I got it together with the CC Cream as a pack for ₩48,000.00.
Colours: There are 3 colours available – BE10 Light Beige, BP15 Pink Beige and BE20 Honey Beige in order from lightest to darkest. I got the middle colour BP15.
Size: 15g x 2. (It comes with one cushion already inside the pact and an extra sealed refill pack)
Link to website: 
BE10: http://www.banilaco.com/product/productDetail.do?seq=101265&cateVo.category1=1001
BP15: http://www.banilaco.com/product/productDetail.do?seq=101266&cateVo.category1=1001
BE20: http://www.banilaco.com/product/productDetail.do?seq=101267&cateVo.category1=1001

The CC Cream and CC Cushion in their boxes

The CC Cream and CC Cushion in their boxes

"it Radiant CC Cream"

“it Radiant CC Cream”

"it Radiant CC Cushion". The sealed pack on the left is the refill pack.

“it Radiant CC Cushion”. The sealed pack on the left is the refill pack.

How the CC Cushion looks opened. It comes with a sponge for application which sits on top of a second lid inside the pact covering the cushion underneath. This photo was taken when I first opened it and you can see the cushion is sealed as well with a plastic film.

How the CC Cushion looks opened. It comes with a sponge for application which sits on top of a second lid inside the pact covering the cushion underneath. This photo was taken when I first opened it and you can see the cushion is sealed as well with a plastic film.

The “it Radiant CC Cream”

Application: The CC Cream is creamy in texture. The tube comes with a pump for dispensing the product. One pump will give you enough product for the whole face. The texture is easily spreadable and easy to blend.
Colour and coverage: This product only comes in one colour, presumably because it is more of a primer and is very sheer. It is not meant to give you much coverage. Not sure how it will look on darker skin but for me I had no issue with it. Actually it is so sheer that I don’t really notice the colour.
Finish: The product wasn’t overly shiny but it wasn’t completely matte either. It gave me a kind of glow but as it was sheer I feel like it didn’t do much to my appearance. I feel more like I just put on sunscreen. Anyway immediately after I put on the CC Cream I put on the CC Cushion over it.

The “it Radiant CC Cushion”

Application: The pact comes with its own sponge for application. Just place it over the CC Cushion and press and the product will be dispensed on the sponge. The harder you press the more product will come out depending on your liking. Then just apply the product onto your face with the sponge as you normally would with compact foundations. The sales assistant at the Banila Co store showed me how to put it on and she kinda just pat/dab it on rather than swiping it across the face. It is pretty convenient if you need touching up during the day as well. However I do find that it is harder to apply compare to the CC Cream. When I spread it on my skin with the sponge it sometimes made my skin looked dry and accentuated the cracks in the skin.  Maybe my skin type is just not suited to this type of foundation. I have always had this same problem with compact foundations and even though this CC Cushion is liquid it is applied the same way as a compact foundation. Maybe I am applying it with the wrong technique? helpppppp =(
Colour and coverage: Of the 3 colours available I picked the middle one BP15. I am not sure what to think of the colour actually because when I put it on I feel like it is a bit too white and I look like I am wearing a “mask”. But then I took photos and it looks perfectly fine in them and my face and neck matched perfectly and I didn’t look “maskly” either. The overall look was very natural (in photo). The CC Cushion together with the CC Cream provided more coverage than the CC Cream alone and it was quite good at hiding my imperfections. Note: I tried the CC Cushion on its own the other day and the coverage and lasting power isn’t as good without the CC Cream as its base.
Finish: The CC Cushion gave me an overall shine that I didn’t like. I already have an oily (but dry at the same time) face and so I really do prefer something with a matte finish. I also feel that it does accentuate my dryness and it easily cakes. But as I said, it does look fabulous in photos though so I dunno…
Touching up: When I touched up with the CC Cushion throughout the day, it gets more and more cakey on my face and I didn’t like the feeling at all. But once again, fine in photos! =/

Overall with CC Cream as primer and CC Cushion on top as foundation
Frankly speaking, overall I don’t like it. I am a little disappointed in fact as I had high expectation for it since it won so many awards and it was on the pricier side too. I guess the product that actually won the awards was the CC Cream rather than the CC Cushion and I can’t really comment much on the CC Cream alone since I never used it on its own. The products after a while feels quite heavy on my face yet it does not give me the level of coverage actual foundations give me. If you want a light coverage natural look (in person), the Etude House Mineral BB Cream does a better job and at only ₩14,000.00 too!

Now comes the twist though lol. How it looks in photos is a different question! This CC Cream and CC Cushion looks fabulous and natural in photos (and better than the Etude House Mineral BB Cream). I don’t know why. All I can say is that it is a very photogenic product??

Have you used this product and what are your thoughts? Do share!

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Review: Innisfree Eco Premium Gel-Nail Polish #14

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day ^__~

I was originally planning on painting my nails for V Day and then I got lazy ha ha… So I only painted it today. Today I am reviewing colour #14 of the Innisfree Eco Premium Gel-Nail Polish. Go here to see my previous review on colour #02.

Product Name: Innisfree Eco Premium Gel-Nail Colour #14
Colours: Currently there are 20 colours available plus a top coat and base coat. I wouldn’t be surprised if Innisfree releases more colours in the future.
Price: ₩8,000 per bottle. (But I got it during the 1+1 event)
Size: 7ml

Innisfree Eco Premium Gel-Nail #14   Innisfree Eco Premium Gel-Nail #14

Colour: This time, unlike colour #02, the colour of the polish on the nail does not look exactly like the colour on the bottle. The bottle is more of a royal blue but upon application the polish is more of a navy colour. The colour is quite opaque and with two coats you get a really dark blue.

Finish: This nail polish is meant to imitate the look of shellac nails. In this regard I would say it has done very well lookwise! The finish is ultra glossy and smooth (with or without the top coat)!

Application: You need to be pretty good at putting on nail polish to get this one looking nice and smooth. I find the formula more runny than colour #02. Not sure if it’s just the batch or something but I found it harder to put on than #02. You need to do thick coats to get it right. If you look closely at the photo you can see how I couldn’t get it right and the edges are a bit weird. But once I got it on thick I am pretty happy with the result and look now.

Durability: Recommended to put on a top coat to avoid too much chipping. It is also quite easy to dent the polish. Aside from that it lasts ok.

Price: I suppose you could say this is little on the pricier side at 8,000 per bottle (as compared to Innisfree’s cheaper line Eco Nail Colour Pro which retails for only 2,500 per bottle and compared to nail polish from Etude House etc). Also the bottles are a lot smaller than Chanel (13ml) and OPI (15ml) nail polishes. So if you calculate it by ml, this is pretty much the same price as OPI. This is not really an issue for me though that there is less polish in the bottle because I never finish up my bottles anyway.

Overall: I like this one a bit less than #02. Probably because when I looked at the bottle I was expecting a more royal blue but instead i got more of a navy so I am a bit disappointed. But if you like navy colour then it is not a bad choice.

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Review: Innisfree Eco Premium Gel-Nail Polish #02

Ever since I first tried the Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick, I can’t stop buying more Innisfree products! I think it is officially my favourite South Korean cosmetic brand.

Innisfree released a line of nail polish called the Eco Premium Gel Nail Polish. Initially there were only 5 colours plus top and base coat. (Innisfree has since released more colours.) The original 5 colours were meant to match 5 of the Creamy Tint Lipstick colours. And that’s what got me looking at this nail polish!

Product Name: Innisfree Eco Premium Gel-Nail
Colours: Currently there are 20 colours available plus a top coat and base coat. I wouldn’t be surprised if Innisfree releases more colours in the future.
Price: Normally ₩8,000 per bottle. But there is currently a promotion on called “1+1″ which is buy one get one free, making it ₩4,000 for one during promotion period.
Size: 7ml

Picture taken from official Innisfree website

Picture taken from official Innisfree website

Innisfree Eco Premium Gel-Nail #02   Innisfree Eco Premium Gel-Nail #02

Colour: The colour reviewed in this post is #02. I think the Korean translates roughly to something like “Spring Pink”? It is a very nice girly candy pink colour! I think the picture on the official website doesn’t represent the colours of any of the 20 nail polishes accurately. #02 more pink (picture looks more coral) and lighter than the picture from Innisfree. If you get to see the bottles in person before you buy it, the colour of the bottles represent the colour of the nail polish very well, I would say almost exactly the colour of the polish. Also in order to get it opaque you have to put on at least 2 coats.

Finish: I read somewhere that this nail polish is meant to imitate the look of shellac nails. In this regard I would say it has done very well lookwise! The finish is ultra glossy and smooth (with or without the top coat)! I really love the look of the nail polish!

Application: You need to be pretty good at putting on nail polish to get this one looking nice and smooth. Unlike my nail polishes from Chanel, Dior which are so easy to put on, with this one it is easy to get it looking streaky if you don’t do it right (for which I am glad because I don’t want to find out that a nail polish that only costed me $4 can do the job just as well as one that costed me $40! lol so it is good to know I paid more for a reason.) As mentioned above, you do need at least 2 coats to get the colour.

Durability: The photos I posted above were taken 3 days after I painted my nails so I would say it lasts pretty good! But I highly recommend you to use a top coat! The first time I use this nail polish I didn’t use a top coat and the colour chipped pretty quickly. But now that I have used a top coat it lasts pretty well! So far not chipped! However what I have noticed though is that the polish is kinda… soft?? I was zipping up a dress and my right hand kinda touched the zipper and now there is a tiny dent in the nail polish on my thumb. Not chipped or scratched off, but dented lol… Edit: It chipped. LOL. I was taking off a price tag sticker and bits of my nail polish came off.

Price: I suppose you could say this is little on the pricier side at 8,000 per bottle (as compared to Innisfree’s cheaper line Eco Nail Colour Pro which retails for only 2,500 per bottle and compared to nail polish from Etude House etc). Also the bottles are a lot smaller than Chanel (13ml) and OPI (15ml) nail polishes. So if you calculate it by ml, this is pretty much the same price as OPI. This is not really an issue for me though that there is less polish in the bottle because I never finish up my bottles anyway.

Overall: I would recommend this nail polish and I would certainly buy it myself again. I really like this colour and love how glossy it looks! As I said, it doesn’t bother me that there is less in the bottle, cheaper is cheaper! And I always get bored of my nail colour really quickly and ends up removing it anyway so durability isn’t a huge concern as long as it doesn’t chip like on the second day or something. But if you are an OPI fan, I guess just stick with OPI.. similar price (if there is no 1+1 promotion) and OPI is easier to use and lasts longer. For me though I feel like no OPI colour I have tried comes close to this candy pink colour which I love so much, but I haven’t tried all OPI pink shades so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a dupe.


Innisfree Spring 2014 Creamy Tint Lip Mousse Review and Swatch [updated]


Hi everyone! I just went to South Korea for a short holiday! I went to Myeongdong every night haha and of course I came back with a large haul of Korean cosmetics ho ho ho. I just got back today and will be blogging on all the stuffs on got shortly!

But first I am excited to introduce you to the newly released Creamy Tint Lip Mousse from Innisfree’s Spring 2014 collection. Seriously Seoul is so cold right now (like max 5 degrees and min -7 degrees) I can’t believe the Spring collection is already out.

Product Name: Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse
Colours: Currently 7 colours available
Price: ₩10,000
Size: 4.8ml
Link to official website: http://innisfree.co.kr/ProductView.do?prdSeq=9630&catCd01=UN&catCd02=UNEE

Picture taken from official Innisfree website

Picture taken from official Innisfree website

Picture taken from the official Innisfree website

Picture taken from the official Innisfree website

This is so new that I literally saw the sales set up the display and put the testers up! The testers were so new that they were still wrapped. (I had to come back the next day to do the swatches because I didn’t dare to open up the testers.)

I wasn’t sure if I am allowed to take photos inside the shop so I quickly swatched them all on my hand and walked outside the store before taking the photo lol.

Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse swatches taken in daylight no flash

Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse swatches taken in daylight no flash

I am not sure why it is called a “mousse” actually. There is nothing moussey about this. It’s just like a lip gloss. I find the texture is the same as the Vivid Tint Rouge. Maybe it will feel different when I actually use it. I will let you know when I find out. Update: I have now tried the lip mousse and can telly what the difference is. See review below.

The Innisfree website said #3 and #5 are the best colours so I ended up buying #3. It comes in the usual Innisfree packaging. I don’t know why a lot of people comment that they don’t like the Innisfree packaging as it is so plain. I really like it! I find that it looks quite classy!

Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse #3

Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse #3

Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse    Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse #3.

The photos with me wearing the Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse #03 are taken indoor but with sunlight shining throw glass wall. The lip mousse dries matte and you can see from the photo there is no shine. I only put on one layer of the product. #03 is a nice coral red. It is actually brighter and redder than that in real life, just doesn’t show through as well in photos.

Colour: As with other Innisfree lipsticks and tints, the colour payoff is excellent! The colour is really pigmented! From experience I find Japanese lipsticks provide more subtle sheer colours but South Korean products are really vibrant! If you get a red lipstick you are really getting red red lips! So far I only have #03 and the colour is a really nice coral red.

Finish and texture: The difference between this and the Innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge is that this dries matte! The Vivid Tint Rouge is like a gloss finish whereas this one is like a matte lipstick but in liquid form! I am loving this so much! I don’t like glossy finish stuffs because I feel like they make my lips look weird with the shine but this one…gonna say it again, it is completely matte! No shine and no pearly finish. Just matte.

On application it is creamy but it is not sticky at all once it dries. When I say it “dries” I mean the product is dry to the touch but it doesn’t dry out your lips. I don’t have any issue with it accentuating any dry lines and I didn’t need to put on any lip balm prior to its application.

It is a “tint” so the colour doesn’t rub off easily and lasts a long time. I don’t know if it lasts after you eat though because I have a habit of wiping off lip products prior to eating.

Application: This product is extremely pigmented so a little goes a long way! You can use the applicator straight from the bottle. Be careful though when you put it on not to colour “ouside the line” of the lips. It is a tint so it is hard to rub off if you make a mistake. It will leave a mark where you wipe it off. How do I know? I was putting this on in the car and it went off… not the lip mousse’s fault.. just me.

Overall: I really like this product! The colour payoff is so good and I just love it that it is matte. And I dunno but Australia tends to be really windy and when I go out with lipstick, wind always blow my hair everywhere and it gets stuck to my lips if it’s sticky. But no problem with this product! I will probably go and buy other colours now. Love it! But still dunno why it is called “mousse” lol.

PS I thought I might post this as well. After I finished taking the photos I wiped the tint lip mousse off my hand with the Innisfree Apple Juicy Emulsion Lip & Eye Remover. Just 3 squirts on half a piece of cotton swap, gave it a good wipe and it’s all off! Works pretty well!

Lacus Clyne Cosplay

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Cosplay: Lacus Clyne from Gundam SEED [high image content]

Hello and happy new year to everyone!

Over the holiday season I slacked off haha… and neglected my blog. What did everyone do over Christmas and new year? As for me, I did all the standard stuffs: went to the fish market to get seafood for Christmas eve, stayed home for Christmas because nothing is freaking open in Australia, braved the boxing day sale and attempted to watch the new year’s eve fireworks (but failed because I didn’t listen to my mum and went to the wrong place).

One other thing I did over the Christmas/new year break that is not so standard is that I attempted to take some cosplay photos of me as Lacus Clyne from Gundam SEED in her normal (and probably most well known) costume as seen in the first part of SEED!

Lacus Clyne of Gundam SEED

The Lacus Cosplay of Yesteryear:

This is actually the third time I have cosplayed as Lacus. Gundam SEED and Lacus Clyne hold a special spot in my heart. I remember joining the Anime club at uni back in 2003 and this was the anime they were showing at the time, so for some reason I really really like Lacus. My first ever cosplay was in 2003 and of course I cosplayed as her! My costume at the time was… I would say true to the anime down to the pleats but the costume was lacking lustre. It was made of cheap polypop fabric and I didn’t have a wig or anything. My haro was a giant foam ball painted pink! The cheap fabric made her look more like a commoner than a princess… 

I really wanted to redo the cosplay because I feel like I didn’t do it justice! But at the same time I was a bit put off doing it as I have problem getting the collar right. I contemplated buying a costume on ebay or something but no one is doing it the way I want it!

Then in 2006, I cosplayed as Lacus again but in her commander costume from SEED Destiny. It still wasn’t good but at least I had a wig and a haro. I still wanted to redo that first costume though and I bought some satin fabric. And the fabric sat in the bag for a good 5 years until 2013 that I finally picked up making the costume again. Actually it was so long ago that I kinda forgot I had those fabric. I was digging through my sewing supplies getting ready to start and voila~ found the fabric. LOL sweet I can save some money on buying new fabric!

The Lacus Cosplay of the Present:

I decided that this time my Lacus costume is going to be more grand and pretty! I don’t care that it isn’t 100% true to the anime (been there done that already the first time round) and this time it is about my artistic licence to make it the way I envisage it to be! Lacus is an idol! The pink princess! Her costume should be girly, frilly and lacy! So in addition to the satin fabric I found at home, I went to purchase more organza fabric, laces and trims!

Here are photos of the work in progress!
Lacus Clyne costume work in progress  Lacus Costume sleeves work in progress

Seriously there were so many times that I was gonna just give up on the sleeves. I made too many layers, the armhole made it too small to be sewn with my sewing machine.. and the fabric was fraying like crazy with every touch. I had to hand stitch it together, and repeat for the other sleeve. ><

Anyway it is ALL DONE NOW! Ready for the result???

Lacus cosplay then and now.

Lacus cosplay then and now. You would agree it is a massive improvement right???

Lacus Clyne Cosplay  Lacus Clyne Cosplay  Lacus Clyne Cosplay
Lacus Clyne Cosplay  Lacus Clyne Cosplay  Lacus Clyne Cosplay
Lacus Clyne Cosplay  Lacus Clyne Cosplay  Lacus Clyne Cosplay
Lacus Clyne Cosplay

Sorry for the high photo spammage lol but since I went through all the effort of making the costume and taking the photos I am gonna show them off!

And now one last pic! I call this the “never seen before expressions of Lacus” hahaha…

Lacus Clyne Cosplay

Expressions you won’t find the real Lacus do!

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Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner

I have always been a little apprehensive about putting on eyeliner, especially dark/black ones. Firstly because I am not all that good at putting eyeliner on so I am scared that the darker the eyeliner is the easier it is to see my badly drawn eyeliner.

So normally…I have one and only one eyeliner that I wouldy use – the Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes in 104 Brown Sugar. It is easy to use and the colour is a medium brown. It stays on reasonably well and I don’t think there is any fallouts. It works, so I stick with it. But then I get bored! I want to try other colours and there are times when I want a darker eyeliner!

But that brings me to the second reason why I am apprehensive about using eyeliners: I have tried to use some black pencil eyeliners but they all seems to fallout all over my face in black little specks within the hour! I have used the black one from the same Clinique range, a Lancome one, Jill Stuart and RMK and they ALL fall all over my face!

And so my search for a good eyeliner began! I started looking online to see what people are using and this eventually led me to what is known as the “Lee Hyori eyeliners” – the Clio eyeliners! For those who don’t know, Lee Hyori is a famous South Korean singer. To be honestly I don’t really like her because she comes across as somewhat bitchy but hey she does have some damn pretty eyes! She was the image model for Clio (a South Korean makeup brand) and so the eyeliners were dubbed “Lee Hyori eyeliners”

Clio has a number of different eyeliners ranging from pencil to liquid. As I prefer pencil type (because they are easier to control the liquid ones), I bought 5 of the Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liners. I also got a Brush Eyeliner and a Pen Eyeliner (both liquid types) to try and will be reviewed later.

Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Gel Liners

Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Gel Liners

You can see from the photo that there are two different packaging for the Gelpresso. When I received the Gelpressos I was a bit surprised. I was like.. omg.. isn’t it meant to be Lee Hyori??? How come only 2 of them were her and the other ones aren’t??? It turns out she is no longer the model for Clio and the current model is now Sandara Park from 2NE1. So if you get your Gelpresso and it’s not Lee Hyori on the cover that is totally fine and in fact it means it’s newer stock.

The 5 colours I got are:
1. #1 Beige Shine
2. #3 Golden Khaki
3. #4 Dark Choco
4. #5 Star Purple
5. #8 Chic Navy

Here is a swatch of them:

Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Gel Liners

Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Gel Liners. From left to right: #1 Beige Shine, #3 Golden Khaki, #4 Dark Choco, #5 Star Purple, #8 Chic Navy

The colour goes on quite well and is quite pigmented. For the above swatch I only needed to do two swipes to get that colour payoff. I don’t know why it is called a gel liner because it is really more like a pencil liner. When I think of gel liners I think of the Bobbi Brown and Mac gel liners in the tub.  The liners have shimmers in them but they are not over-the-top in your face kind of shimmer so it is quite wearable. I think #1 would make a really good colour for lining under the eye. I can’t wait to use them!

Oh yes!! Very important note! Do NOT sharpen these liners with your normal eyeliner sharpener! It will wreck it!!! Each of the liners comes with its own sharpener at the end of the liner. Just pull that off and use that!

Where to get Gelpresso

Unfortunately they are not sold in Australia and you will have to order them online. I get them from a Korean site called Gmarket. It is like eBay except I find it a bit harder to us because the sellers on Gmarket tends to list more than one item for sale in each listing and you have to select from a dropdown list what you want to buy in that listing. You can type in “Clio liner” in the search tool and you should be able to find the products. However while the website can be viewed in English, the options in the dropdown list are in Korean and often the item descriptions are in Korean too. I can’t really read Korean so what I do is match the symbol up with what I want to get hahaha…

Here is a short list of Korean words which might come in handy if you are looking to buy Clio eyeliners on Gmarket:

클리오 Clio
펜라이너 Pen Liner
브러쉬라이너 Brush Liner
젤프레소 Gelpresso
턴라이너 Turnliner

Please let me know if I got any of the Korean words wrong haha as I said I can’t really read it but it’s just what I figured they mean in the progress of ordering the products myself.

EDIT: Ok so I just tried using the purple one yesterday and little specks started to fallout after an hour! I pressed lightly with a tissue and tiny specks of the eyeliner came off onto the tissue! I feel like the eyeliner ‘dries’ into dust. I think it may be the shimmery sparkly bits?? A bit disappointed because does fall over the face and into my eyes. But at least it’s not like the Clinique black one I got which falls off in bigger chunks …

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Dynasty Warriors Wang Yuanji Cosplay

Hi guys! I’ve just realised that while I did put “cosplay” on my tagline for my blog, I haven’t actually put anything cosplay related up as yet.

I am currently working on a new costume but the progress is a bit slow (mainly due to my laziness really). Anyway weather has been bad on weekends for a while so it’s not like I could have taken photos anyway =\.  Hopefully I can do a photoshoot of my cosplay in the next few weeks.

Anyway in the meantime, I thought I would upload a cosplay shoot I did a few months back of Wang Yuanji from Dynasty Warriors. I bought the costume online rather than making it though. (and yes for the keen-eyed people, the photos I used as the blog image up the top is from this shoot)

misscherielle13120501  misscherielle13120502  misscherielle13120506
misscherielle13120503   misscherielle13120504

Stay tuned for my next cosplay! =)


Dogeared! “You’re nuts!” Squirrel necklace

Featured in today’s post is a necklace by Dogeared!

Dogeared is a an American jewelry brand with a tagline boasting that its products are “handcrafted in the USA”. As a massive dog lover, I started noticing this brand because of its name and indeed this brand has lots of necklaces featuring different dogs! But that’s not all it makes. It has a lot of really nice and inspirational “wellbeing”necklaces with messages for love, hope, happiness etc.

Each necklace comes in a gold or silver box and inside the necklace would be secured on a card with a lovely message. I think the necklaces are really intended to be gifts for people rather than for self use (and I think it is a really good gift! Especially if you want to cheer a friend up or show your appreciation for them.).

As I am just getting a necklace for myself, I didn’t really care about what the message says… I decided to get a squirrel necklace since that is unique (I don’t know many other brand that makes squirrels necklaces, do you?)

Dogeared - "You're Nuts!" Squirrel necklace in the box

Dogeared – “You’re Nuts!” Squirrel necklace in the box

Inside the box the message says: “YOU’RE NUTS! Make a wish and put on your necklace. Thank you for making life so much FUN! Wear your necklace as a reminder than no one makes me laugh harder than you do.”  

See what I mean by it’s really intended to be a gift for others rather than for selfish people like me who is hoarding it for myself??? hahaha…

Here is a close up of the squirrel:

Close up of the necklace

Close up of the necklace

Now… while I do think the squirrel is really cute and the message is lovely too.. I do have a complaint about it… IT IS TINY!!! When I bought it online I didn’t realise how tiny it was gonna be! Geez and I thought the J.estina necklace from Master’s Sun I got before was small… this is like….a third of that. =\ You can see from the next photo how small it is compared to my hand.


Miss Cherielle’s Verdict: It’s too small… really. Any smaller and I will need a magnifying glass! When I wear it out I can’t really see it. Maybe I just like over the top big size necklaces. If you like small little ones then I guess it’s good. It’s a pity because the messages are so nice and it would be such a good gift! But it’s so tiny anyone who receives my gift is going to think I am really stingy or something. =( I guess I might try other necklaces from Dogeared, but next time I will literally get out a ruler and check out big it will be!

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Is this sports luxe? Featuring Adidas x Jeremy Scott Wings and 7 For All Mankind

OK so apparently trending this season is sport luxe. I don’t really get it. How can sporty be luxe? Is it like a dressy version of being sporty??

(On a separate but somewhat related note, I don’t really get the “sportswear” section of the Vogue sewing patterns either. They are suits! No matter how you look at them, they are suits! So do people wear suits to sport or does Vogue consider going to work a sport???)

Adidas x Jeremy Scott Wings Wedge Hi

Adidas x Jeremy Scott Wings Wedge Hi Shoes

Anyway I was walking around the city one week and saw the Adidas x Jeremy Scott Wings Wedge Hi shoes. They were sooo cute I just had to get them! 

For anyone thinking of ordering these shoes online, they run true to size. =) They are reasonably comfy for a pair of high heels and even though they look narrow they don’t squish your toes. I have extremely low tolerance for heels and normally can’t stand walking for long periods in heels but I was able to wear these for a whole day shopping. Also the wings on these are a good size – not too big to get in the way of walking. I have another pair of Jeremy Scott Wings sneakers in gold, you know the ones with the massive wings at the back, and when I walk down stairs I have to walk sideways haha because the wings hit the stairs. But you won’t have this problem with this pair!

They retail for AUD$220.00. Unfortunately I do think they are sold out at the official Adidias store. I got these in a store in Chinatown called Espionage on Goulburn Street.

So with these shoes I decided to attempt the sports luxe look (or at least my understanding of it =P) with the 7 For All Mankind Josefina Skinny Boyfriend Jeans with front embellishment in light destroyed.

The Josefina is described as “a skinny boyfriend that is roomy through the hip and thigh and tapers through the leg”. This particular pair is ripped in several places giving it the “destroyed” look  and also features crystal embellishments at the front below the pockets. What I found with these jeans is that while it is a baggy boyfriend style around the thighs… they were a bit tight around the calf when I roll them up. LOL maybe I just have fat calves…

Now without further ado, Miss Cherielle’s sports luxe style!

Front View
misscherielle13112502 misscherielle13112503 misscherielle13112504

Side and Back View
misscherielle13112505  misscherielle13112506

Close up of the shoe:


What do you think? Does it work?

Behind the Scene:

I thought it would be funny to put some photos up “behind the scene”. It was really windy on the day and it was really hard to take these photos without hair blown all over my face haha. Look how crazy I look!


* * * * * * * *

Ahem, I went way overboard with taking photos since I was scared the photos won’t turn out and now I still got a few more I want to share that didn’t quite make the cut into the main post.  I don’t want to bore you so I am putting it into a gallery down the bottom. Feel free to take a look if you are interested in seeing a few more snaps. =)


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